Eldorado Partner Gateway

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What is The Partner Gateway?

The partner gateway provides customers with an advanced set of APIs for integration to inventory and ordering systems. To find out more, please contact sales@eldorado.net or visit http://www.eldorado.net/application.html to submit an application for access.

About Eldorado

Our modern warehouse and top-notch staff ensure accuracy and speed of delivery. We pride ourselves on having unequaled turnaround time. As a matter of fact, most orders ship the same day we receive them. We believe that we offer products that help people fulfill their natural-born sexuality and the sexual pleasure that is their birthright. We believe that these products bring excitement back to couplesí lives and help to promote monogamy for those that choose it. We believe in the sanctity of all adult lifestyles and in our constitutional right to privacy and freedom in our own bedrooms. We started drop shipping and fulfillment services for BBSís to their customers in 1992, before the Web was born. Our experience has positioned us as the forerunner in fulfillment services for Web based customers. No one has more experience than Eldorado.

Integration Questions?

Please contact us at michele@eldorado.net.


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